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The first bite is with the eyes ....

Sift Cake Studio was founded by Michelin two-star pastry Chef Revital Melech. Her passion for the pastry arts began at a very young age, while she was still in her native Israel. It was this passion that carried her to the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, and on to a career in some of New York's finest restaurants: Oceana, Abbocato, Bar Artisanal and Michelin two-star restaurant Picholine. Following a move to Shanghai, China, Chef Melech opened Revital’s Studio Cake Boutique, one of the first high end cake boutiques in China, catering to Shanghai’s most rich and famous.


When asked why she became a pastry chef, Revital responds, "I like the precision, the perfectionism -- you can't go back once you're done – and the fact that it challenges my limits."


At Sift Cake Studio she continues to create the opulent cakes that dreams are made of: the cakes that won her acclaim in the The New York Times, on the Food Network, and on Martha Stewart Radio, among other media. Her cakes are always visual showstoppers, because, as Revital likes to say, "the first bite is with the eyes." When it comes to shape and style, "anything is possible." – She adds, with a twinkle, "try me!"

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